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An all-natural and toxic-free nail salon.  Well known for its exceptional customer service and trendy stress-free environment.  Committed to using eco-friendly, natural and organic lacquers, lacquer remover, lotions, soaps, scrubs and nail treatments.  Providing a safe and healthy atmosphere.
Owner, Yolanda Sanchez, has worked in the customer service industry for over 10 years.  As a strong and firm believer in providing exceptional customer service, she has decided to dedicate her energy into providing men, women, and children with natural nail care services ALWAYS using natural and organic products, in a relaxing atmosphere.
Sanitation and disinfection are a PRIORITY!  Ensuring that clients are always safe is our main focus. Not only do we provide natural nail care, we also use natural and organic products in every service.  The staff are well trained and skilled and do an outstanding job educating clients about maintaining healthy nails.
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